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We strongly believe the 'one size does not fit all' concept, and it reflects in our customised services for individual clients.

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Time is of the essence while delivering projects, especially in the virtual hemisphere. We are professional, reliable, and work with a steadfast commitment to excellence.


We are a bunch of creative brains who always think of innovative ideas and concepts to make your campaign stand tall in the virtual space.

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We keep customer support at the centre of our strategy and implement modern customer support techniques to elevate today's clients' and customers' evolving expectations and needs.

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Transforming Ideas into Impactful Digital Campaigns, SPS Advertising Connecting Brands to Audiences

Pay Per Click Advertising

We curate results-driven and versatile Pay-per-click advertising campaigns that empower your businesses to reach your target audience, boost website traffic, improve brand visibility, provide measurable ROI and achieve overall marketing goals in the virtual hemisphere.

Video Marketing

Are you ready to take your video marketing efforts to the next level? In a world where content is king, video has emerged as the most engaging and influential medium for brand communication.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an ever-evolving landscape, and it needs a tailored approach to curate an SMM strategy that provides brand awareness, improves engagement across channels and increases qualified leads.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO practices have evolved, and so do we. Our modern SEO practices are more comprehensive and user-centric, integrating technical SEO, original human-written content, UX and UI aspects while staying attuned to the ever-evolving SEO trends and algorithms.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Our PPC campaigns play a pivotal role in enhancing your digital footprint, where you call the shots, including adjusting campaign budgets daily or monthly, tuning bids as required, measuring return on investment with tracking and analytics metrics, and providing immediate traffic and qualified leads with a higher probability of conversion.
We have successfully run paid ads campaigns for multiple clients on search engines (Google and Bing) and would love to have you on board in our digital journey.

Video Marketing

We are a team of supercharged digital marketers and video content creators who provide cutting-edge video marketing services to curate your brand message, fuel your online presence, and communicate to the targeted audience through the charm of brand-specific video curated by seasoned professionals in the trade.
We create short videos and promote them on video streaming platforms like YouTube. Our videos convey your brand message perfectly, and we share these videos on various media to promote your brand’s products or services to ensure maximum engagement.

Social Media Marketing

We understand the pulse of social media and use our years of combined experience and expertise to prepare an SMM plan with a detailed understanding of your specific needs and expectations from the campaign.
At SPS Advertising, we run paid ads to promote products or services on social media platforms to boost your campaign objectives, including improved brand visibility, engagement, quality leads and maximum conversion.

Search Engine Optimisation

Businesses need to keep up with this evolution to rank higher on SERP and get higher traffic on the web, social handles and video channels.
We at SPS Advertising are a team of SEO professionals with years of industry experience, and stay always tuned with search engine’s (Google and Bing) latest SEO guidelines for a sustainable SEO strategy for your website and webpages.
We implement the latest SEO practices, including UX-focused websites, high-quality content, semantic search, voice search optimisation and more.

Social Media Management

We are your one-stop digital marketing agency, and our social media management team plans and executes a wide range of social activities to build and maintain a robust virtual presence for your brand.
We create social media post, maintain schedule and post on the specific channels accordingly. We foster meaningful conversations, address customer queries, and function as your online reputation manager. Our Social Media plans are designed to help clients achieve their marketing objectives, engage target audiences, and ultimately drive business northwards.

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Get in touch with us today and take the first step toward boosting your online presence. Our experienced team is ready to tailor a winning social media and digital marketing strategy just for you.

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